Media@Sydney Seminar Series, Semester 1

We are very pleased to announce our 2018 Media@Sydney series. Events will be held at 3pm in S226 John Woolley Building (A20) at the University of Sydney and will be followed by informal drinks.

2 March 2018: Emeritus Professor Graeme Turner (University of Queensland) The media and democracy in the digital era – is this what we had in mind?

16 March 2018: Professor Paul Dourish (University of California, Irvine) Data in the City: The Pragmatics of Data-Driven Urbanism

10 April 2018: Dr Lina Dencik (Cardiff University), Approaches to data justice: Examining datafication from the perspective of social justice

20 April 2018: Professor Caroline Bassett (University of Sussex), Professor Helen Thornham (University of Leeds) and Dr Edgar Gómez Cruz (University of New South Wales), Fast Data, Slow Bodies: automation, humans, machines

 27 April 2018: Dr. Penny O’Donnell (University of Sydney) The future is union: Digital journalists pushback against employment insecurity

11 May 2018: Distinguished Professor Sarah Pink (RMIT University), Autonomous Driving Futures

18 May 2018: Dr. Megan Le Masurier (University of Sydney), Slow Magazines: Indies in print in a digital age

1 June 2018: Jean Christophe Nougaret, (Médecins Sans Frontières Australia) and Denby Weller, (Macleay College), Witness this!: How to document research with mobile video

1 June 2018: Dr. Scott Wright (University of Melbourne), When Journalists go “Below the Line”: Engaging with the audience in comment spaces at The Guardian (2006-2017)

 8 June 2018: Dr. Timothy Graham (Australian National University), Data science meets social science: Mapping the anti-vaccination movement on Facebook